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Stay tuned for The Next Mayor 2015 on TUTV

TUTV has joined the collaborative media project that is covering the 2015 Philadelphia mayoral election and will involve student reporters and city citizens in reporting the issues.

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Image of space

How do movies influence our perception of outer space?

Media Inside Out host Sherri Hope Culver ponders why sci-fi films often take an apocalyptic tone when looking outside planet Earth

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Watch: the pitfalls of love during the holiday season

What begins as a casual conversation between two long-time lovers, quickly becomes awkward when the terms "engaged" and "married" get thrown around...

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Airing on TUTV

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In Memoriam

In Memoriam is a short documentary about the abandonment and ongoing restoration of Mount Moriah Cemetery in Southwest Philadelphia. Mount Moriah is a sprawling, pastoral cemetery with 380 acres of grave plots on the outskirts of the city.…


“Cinemaniacs” – Hosts Mark and Tom review the latest theatrical releases, as well as upcoming DVD releases.…

Wildflowers - Seeds of History

Discover the facts and legends behind the wildflowers that captivate us every spring. Why do we always see picturesque cattle among bluebonnets?…

University of Missouri Concert Jazz Band

The top flight teaching concert jazz band from the University of Missouri-Columbia, lead by Dr. Arthur White, plays at the 21st Annual Capital Jazzfest in Jefferson City, Missouri.…

Blues Music Videos

Jook Joint is a multi-award winning blues show produced on Midpenninsula Community Access in Palo Alto California by E C Scott, a well-known blues singer.…