Philadelphia: The Great Experiment – The Fight

Philadelphia: The Great Experiment - The Fight

As the Bicentennial approaches, Philadelphia reels from factory closures and crime. Controversial police commissioner Frank Rizzo seizes the moment and wins election as Mayor. The pugnacious Rizzo merges police and political power, inciting hard-driving press investigations and a recall movement. A team of South Philly song writers soothes the tension with soulful music that sweeps the nation, while the city cheers for working class heroes in the boxing ring and on the ice.

Philadelphia: The Great Experiment is a multi-format historical documentary television film and Internet project produced by History Making Productions that presents the story of Philadelphia, the single most compelling stage for the unfurling and testing of American ideals. William Penn’s city was the first in the world to codify freedom of religion, individual rights, trial by jury, and a democratic assembly as the pillars of a constitution amendable by the people.

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