Syringes, Italian Market, Police Brutality

Anne Ha reports on the copious amount of syringes littering the sidewalks and playgrounds of the Kensington community. Patrick McCloskey reports on an endangered property that was once the home of abolitionist Robert Purvis. Daly Gonzalez and Stacey Chaplin attend a protest against police brutality. Nicole Dalrymple speaks with community members of the Italian Market to see how the market has changed from predominantly Italian immigrants to a diverse spread of immigrants. Stephanie Richcrick and Emily Tenenbaum interview a Drexel student that was a part of an innovative medical experiment to restore his hearing. Matthew Price finds a bar in South Philly that is has solely dedicated itself to representing the Kansas City Chiefs. Gail Austin and Stacey Naughton interview Joey Vento the founder of Geno’s Steaks. Andrew Forgtoch & John Casey take an inside look at a group of handicapped Temple basketball players.

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